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ISBN 0-9713770-3-0

Hard cover, dust jacket, 6 x 9, 440 pgs.

Season: Fall, 2005

Price: $25

About the author

Thomas Kaplan-Maxfield is the author of four novels—Black Forest Love, The Scarab Chase, Hide & Seek, and Memoirs of a Shape-Shifter. He is an award-winning short-story writer and the author of Brockton Stories, a collection of stories situated in Brockton, Mass. A PhD, he has taught both writing and literature at Tufts University and Boston College for the past fifteen years. Lawrence Durrell, Kaplan-Maxfield’s friend and correspondent, once told the author, “You have the new book in you.” Kaplan-Maxfield lives in Boston, and in his other life builds houses.

Kaplan-Maxfield has this to say about Memoirs of a Shapeshifter:

“If there ever was a new book in me, this is it: a story that attempts to overcome what is often considered a literary curse in America: our inability to write a novel that concerns mature love. My attempt in writing Memoirs is to try to move us beyond the war of the sexes, into a way of seeing one another, not as opponents in love and relationships, but rather as friends and partners.”