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Memoirs of a Shape-Shifter

ISBN 0-9713770-3-0

Hard cover, dust jacket, 6 x 9, 440 pgs.

Season: Fall, 2005

Price: $25

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Subject matter

New England late 17th century and present-day Gloucester, Massachusetts. More specifically, much of the book takes place in Dogtown, a forested preserve in Gloucester.

Love and relationships.

Women's issues, including mother/daughter relationships, career paths, female mentoring, beauty, health, rape, childbirth and rearing, prostitution.

Religious issues such as Christianity, earth-worship, Tarot and Wicca are addressed in the novel. Alternative religious practices including chanting, magic circles, ceremonies of welcoming and drug-induced initiation, animal-spirit worship.

The New England fishing industry.

Magic, ghosts.

Irish and Celtic studies, Celtic myth, Druidism and ogham, shamanism and shape-shifting, spell-casting.

Witch trials of the late 17th century in Salem, Massachusetts.

Puritanism and the King Philip War. Native American issues, including tribal life, smallpox epidemic.

Poetry as imagination stimulation, a form of magic.